Wedding Rates & Policies​

Pre-Wedding Trial Services & Rates

Airbrush Makeup and Hair styling/up-do (on-site 2 hours)                              $250 

Airbrush Makeup Only (on-site 1.5 hours)                                                        $150

Hair Trial Only (on-site 1.5 hours)                                                                    $150

​Engagment shoots                                                                                            $300

False Lashes                                                                                             Complimentary

Pre-Wedding Trial Services

Please note that all weddings are booked on a first-come first-serve basis. Due to stylist and seasonal demands, we ask that you schedule your hair and makeup trial as far in advance of your wedding day as possible. For brides scheduling 2-hour appointments, we ask that you have an idea of how you want to wear your hair and makeup on your wedding day and we welcome you to bring along magazine photographs as well as a camera to take photos of your finished wedding look. Please have clean dry hair or blow dry it straight if your hair is curly or wavy and you want a sleek wedding day hair style.


                                                                                       Deposits are not required for Trial Services, however, If a trial date is missed there will be a $75 fee due upon re-booking

Wedding Day Rates   

Airbrush Makeup and Hairstyling for the bride                                          $300 

Just airbrush Makeup for the bride                                                            $160

Just hair for the bride                                                                                $160
Engagement photos                                                                                   $300

Brides without a bridal party 

Airbrush Makeup for the Bride                                                                  $300  

Hair for the bride                                                                                      $200

Hair and makeup for Bride                                                                        $500


Costs for each additional person: 

Bridesmaids, Maid of honor, Moms, Guests...

Airbrush Makeup and Hairstyling/Up-do                                                              $220

Airbrush Makeup only                                                                                 $120

Hairstyling/Up-do only                                                                               $120

False lashes                                                                                         Complimentary

Mink Lashes                                                                                                 $40

Flower Girl Makeup (under 10)                                                            Complimentary

Flower Girl Hair (under 10)                                                                           $50

* All rates include airbrush makeup, false eyelashes and touch up kit (Sample of lipstick/lipgloss, q-tips, blotting sheets, translucent powder for the bride only)

Bridal Service Minimum
There is a 4 person minimum requirement for both bridal makeup artistry and hair design in the month of April - November.
For makeup artistry, if the number of persons is less than , a base fee of $480.00 will be charged as the total due for services. For hair design, if the number of persons is less than 4, a base fee of $450 will be charged as the total due for services. Excluding trial and return touch ups, Children age 12 & under not included in minimums, but are always welcome for services 

Touch Ups:

Return touch up (60 mins)                                                                      $300/artist

Return change of looks (90 mins)                                                               $450
Half day (4 hours)                                                                                       $400
Full day (8 hours)                                                                                        $800     

Rates begin after initial wedding day application, and are calculated hourly until artist departure. Includes on location unlimited touch ups of makeup as well as complete look changes for the bride.  Includes 1 hour lunch and 2 breaks.
Artist will travel with the bridal party and remain by your side, while catering to your every beauty need. Also includes touch ups for the bridal party. 

Additional Artists
The above rates reflect the cost for one artist. Large parties may require extra assistants.  Please inquire about rates for additional artists.

Payment Policy and Additional Information

Reserving Your Wedding Date
Please note that we are booked on a first-come first-serve basis. A 25% non-refundable deposit and signed agreement are required to reserve an artist/stylist for a specific wedding date and time.  Payment for the deposit can be made by electronic money transfer or cash.  Remaining balance for services must be paid in cash on the event date or by electronic money transfer at least one week before the event date.

Above rates includes travel within the GTA. Outside of the GTA will be $1.00/km per artist. Please inquire about the additional costs (Hotel Parking/Lodging and Other Expenses). The client is responsible for all lodging, parking, and traveling fees that each artist incurs. Locations more then 2 hours away need to have accommodations provided if start time is earlier than 7am.

Wedding Cancellations
All wedding deposits are non-refundabl or non-transferablee.

Weddings cancelled less than 30 days prior to the weddings are still required to pay the full cost of contracted services.
If Blushing Belles's artist cancels the booking, and is unable to send a replacement artist to client’s satisfaction, a full refund of the deposit will be made
Also, if the trial has been done already, Kristy will find another artist to client’s satisfaction and will pay for the trial or full refund

Trial Appointment Cancellations

Cancellations or missed appointments will be charged $75 upon the next scheduled appointment 


                                                                                                  All prices are subject to change without notice. Last updated: 11/1/2017



                                         BRIDAL TRIAL CHECK LIST

The number one thing to remember during your bridal trial prep, is that you want to feel comfortable, prepared and have peace of mind so that on your wedding day, you’ll have no mishaps or surprises and you’ll know exactly what to expect from your hair and makeup artist. These ten tips will help you prepare for your bridal trial with your makeup artist and/or hair stylist.

1. Wash your face the night before and remove all traces of makeup. Cleanse and moisturize your face the day of the trial and do not apply any makeup. This give the makeup artist a clean canvas to work on during the trial.

2. Wash your hair and blow-dry it the day before the trial. Make sure the hair is clean and product free and dry when you arrive for your hair trial.

3. Any waxing/threading should be done 2 days prior to the makeup trial (facials/microdermabrasions may need 10-14 days depending on your skin sensitivity) because makeup doesn’t adhere as well to freshly waxed or harshly exfoliated skin.

4. If you have any ideas of the makeup or hair style you want to have on your wedding day, bring photos with you to your trial. That way the artist can get a clear idea of what you’re looking for and make sure that you’re getting the look you want on your special day.

5. Bring a photo of your wedding dress/outfit, bouquet and/or bridesmaid dresses (or a cloth swatch) with you to your trial so that if you want to incorporate any of the wedding colours into your makeup look, the makeup artist can be sure to colour match you for the perfect look.

6. If you’re planning on having a tiara/veil/hair combs/hair crystals/flowers in your hair on the day of the wedding, be sure to bring those items with you so the hair stylist can position your pieces into your hair to see what feels comfortable for you so on the day of the wedding, your hair pieces will be sure to stay comfortably in place.

7. If there are any specialty items you want the makeup artist to use, be sure to bring them with you. Things like bindis/gems or specialty false lashes are things you want to make sure to try out before the wedding day to make sure you get the look just right and you’re comfortable with the look and feel of everything.

8. If you plan to discuss the makeup and hair you want done for your bridesmaids/bridal party on your wedding, bring any additional photos with you to the trial so you can set a aside a few minutes to discuss those details with your makeup/hair artist that way there won’t be any surprises for you on the wedding day with regard to how any of your bridesmaids look. It’s also always a good idea to choose one look for makeup and hair for all the bridesmaids to give your party a more uniformed and classy look.

9. If there’s anything else that you want the makeup/hair artist to know, such as special makeup products that you need to be use or that you will bring for them to use, if you have any skin allergies or makeup sensitivity, etc. please use the opportunity to discuss all of those details with your artist during the trial so that you’ll have no surprises or mishaps on the day of the wedding.

10. Bring your camera! Capture a few shots of yourself so that you can go home and review your look and take a few days to decide which look you liked best. That way you won’t feel rushed on the day of the trial to make a decision plus you get to see how your makeup could photograph so you’ll know exactly what to expect on your wedding day.

This is an add-on depending on your makeup artist, but…

11. Be prepared to sign a contract and leave a retainer for services (typically 25-50%) in order to secure your date. Most artists give you a 24-48 hour grace period to email the contract and wire your retainer after the trial, but if you liked the service and skills, be prepared to book on the spot in cash (many do not accept cheques).




Airbrush Mak​e-up & Hair Artistry